Editorial, Catalog, High Fashion, and Street Fashion Photography – Learn the Differences

The fashion photography industry is divided into several categories. It’s not just about creating a good photo and selling it. It is necessary to know the differences and types found in this glamorous industry.

Fashion Photography and the Glamorous Life

Fashion photography focuses on enhancing the aesthetics of the products you want to sell such as wallets, jewelry, clothes, and shoes, among others. Here the photographer must know how to highlight them without letting the model go unnoticed.

It is about a balance between the products enhancing the beauty of the model and the model who also enhances the products. The places where these photoshoots are held, whether outdoor or indoor, play a complementary role in everything.

Editorial Catalog High Fashion and Street Fashion Photography Learn the Differences Fashion Photography - Editorial, Catalog, High Fashion, and Street Fashion Photography - Learn the Differences

Types of Fashion Photography

These styles are what have played the most important role over the years. Lately, street style has been gaining ground. Editorial and Haute Couture photography have a similar style that makes them a little more difficult to distinguish from one another.

Editorial Fashion Photography

It’s the most demanded by magazines. Pieces of clothing wore day and night, develop a powerful story where the model’s life is shown (embodying some character) from the moment she wakes up in the morning until it ends at night.

High Fashion Photography

In this type of photography, big fashion houses usually use world-famous actresses, actors, or supermodels as their image. Here, all the elements such as wardrobe, lighting, make-up, and hairstyle work together to create the perfect image far from reality.

Catalog Photography

Everything in the catalogues is much less elaborate. The photographs are simple so that the products you want to sell are seen. They are usually taken in basic photography studios or somewhere not so far away.

Street Style Photography

It is usually the most fun of all. Here the spotlight is on the street, on the daily lives of the people who give their clothes that fresh touch. The models usually represent real-life people, who want to set trends with a statement on their clothes that convey who they are and what they feel.

You must know the differences between these styles if you want to take up fashion photography. Once you know the differences and work on creating statements, everything else will come easily with hard work.