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My name is Mark M. Sanchez and I’ve always loved photography. When I was little my grandfather had a Polaroid camera,he used to take pictures of the whole family, on birthdays, Christmas, special occasions, and even new births.

One day I approached him and asked him how that little box he used to take pictures of us worked.

A week after that conversation, he gave me a box. The box had a Cannon Roll Camera. That same day he showed me how to use it and to this day, I have not stopped taking pictures.

I specialized and studied photography in the best places in Canada at the same time that I received advice from the best photographer in the world, my grandfather.

I got jobs as a photographer at weddings, birthdays, and professional modelling photoshoots. With those profits, I was able to save to buy better equipment, lights, and rent a studio.

I decided to open this blog to share tips that I have obtained thanks to my experiences as a photographer with those who are starting.Also, advice from my grandfather and great masters of photography with whom I had the opportunity to study with will also be shared.